Galeet Gia Zeitung


A long time ago I felt the urge from the deepest places in my soul, To create a series that will talk about the Chaos and the Darkness We live in. About the awakening That I hoping to see! to create a series about The Gula/ Redemption. We forgot our purpose here in this life. So we experience darkness and separation. I'm hoping to inspire the viewer and bring light and love into his heart. God is waiting for our love and reunion. I believe that our love for God and each other will b ring light and peace to this world. Our planet can be Jerusalem of Gold one true love. We are all connected The Mashiach is here waiting for us our awakening. This series contains four paintings.

“ was created to fill the need for modern Judaica designs with a touch of spirituality through powerful messages that #elevate your SOUL… your Neshama… “

Soulfully, Jeremy Deray

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